"Waste not, want not." Janna's ranching ancestors practiced this simple rule every day. A leftover roll of barbed wire or length of two-by-four could eventually come in handy. Grandma Nell always had a Grab Bag of fabric bits and pieces.

Our new line of Pot Holders draws on our thrifty roots. No matter how carefully we lay out our apron patterns on a roll of fabric, there's always a few yards left over from each roll. Since dye lots vary from roll to roll, aprons made from the end of one roll and the start of a new one may not be exactly the same colors. These short roll ends have found new life sewn around an insulating core of thick industrial polyester felt to help you keep your cool around your stove and oven.

Using leftover fabric helps us keep our prices down. But since our supply is unpredictable, we're not able to offer Pot Holders in specific colors or patterns.

Instead, you can choose them in matching pairs made from a Grab Bag of patterned or striped Denim, or from colorful solid dyed Canvas. Choose which style you want and we'll pick the color or pattern depending on what we currently have in stock.

Nine inches square, 100% cotton covers, polyester felt fill. Sold in matching pairs subject to availability. To check our current inventory, please Contact Us.

Pot Holders - Set of 2


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